Basic Finishes


The pricing we have provided on our Sizing & Pricing page is based on the following basic finishes - naked, buttercream & fondant. Details such as piping, stencilling, ruffles etc can be applied on top of these basic finishes, and will incur additional costs, so we recommend contacting us for your custom quote.

Naked Cake.jpg

Naked Cake

Naked cakes, also known as semi naked or nude cakes, have taken the event world by storm in recent years. This finish is perfect for relaxed or rustic events, and can be customised for you using a range of decorative techniques such as drips, chocolate shards, fresh flowers and macarons. 

Buttercream cake.jpg

Buttercream Cake

Buttercream is a classic and extremely versatile cake finish. Whether you're after a clean and modern cake, or something to suit a rustic theme, textured buttercream is well worth considering for your special day. To see the range of buttercream finishes available please visit our buttercream gallery. 

Fondant Cake.jpg

Fondant Cake

Fondant cakes give a more polished classic finish and lend themselves to a huge variety of finishes. Popular fondant finishes include ruffles, piping, watercolour painting and stenciling. Fondant is a plain, sweet, rolled icing and should not be confused with the almond flavoured marzipan traditionally used on fruitcakes.