Buttercream Cakes

Buttercream is a classic and extremely versatile cake finish. Whether you're after a clean and modern cake, or something to suit a rustic theme, buttercream is well worth considering for your special day.

Diagonal Lined Buttercream Cake with Fresh Springtime Flowers

Diagonal Lined Buttercream Cake with Fresh Springtime Flowers

How can a buttercream cake be customised for my event?
Fresh flowers are a fantastic way to decorate your buttercream cake. Some people wish to arrange flowers for their cake through their florist in order to match their bouquets and table decorations. Alternatively we can provide the flowers for you and will include this in your quote. 

We can also create a watercolour finish to your buttercream cake (which is especially popular for birthdays and christenings). Cake toppers are also a great way to add a personal touch.

Are there different effects and finishes?
Yes, absolutely! Buttercream can be applied to create different finishes such as horizontal or diagonal lines, rendering, or even a more modern take such as the popular “painted” floral style you see below.

What events or themes is a buttercream cake suitable for? 
The clean white finish of a buttercream cake makes it particularly suitable for engagement and wedding cakes. A clean and modern style can be achieved using fresh flowers, or alternatively, decorating with an array of Australian natives and displayed on a wooden slab would suit a rustic theme.

Coloured Buttercream Cakes are also hugely popular for christenings and birthdays as they are such a beautiful way to add a pop of pastel colour!

“Painted” Floral Buttercream Cake with Fresh Pastel Blooms

“Painted” Floral Buttercream Cake with Fresh Pastel Blooms

Is this a classic or a trend?
Both! Its versatility and timeless appeal makes buttercream a classic cake finish that can be adapted to both traditional and modern weddings & events.

Buttercream cakes are an affordable alternative to fondant cakes, and can create an elegant statement without breaking the budget. Please see our size and price guide for current pricing information.

Best flavours for this style
Let your taste buds decide! Buttercream cakes are completely covered by the buttercream icing, so you may choose a different flavour for each tier without affecting the look of your cake. 

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