Naked Cakes

Naked cakes, also known as semi naked or nude cakes, have taken the event world by storm in recent years. This highly versatile cake finish is perfect for any event, and can be customised for you using a range of decorative techniques.

If the cake has no icing on it, will it stay fresh?
The cake is coated with buttercream or ganache, and then scraped back to a thin layer to give the appearance of a naked finish. Although the cake looks ‘naked’, there is still a thin covering over the surface. To ensure freshness, the cake remains encased in plastic wrap until it is transported to your wedding or event.

How can a naked cake be customised for my event?
Fresh flowers are a fantastic way to decorate your naked cake. Some people wish to arrange flowers for their cake through their florist in order to match their bouquets and table decorations. Alternatively we can provide the flowers for you and will include this in your quote. 
Other popular decorations include drip, macarons, meringues, fresh fruit (such as berries and figs) and chocolate sails.

Naked Cake with Macarons, Gold Leaf & Fresh Flowers

Naked Cake with Macarons, Gold Leaf & Fresh Flowers

What events or themes is a naked cake suitable for?
Naked cakes are perfect for rustic weddings. They are also beautiful with a white drip for engagement cakes or a coloured drip for birthdays.

Chocolate Naked Cake with Fresh Flowers

Chocolate Naked Cake with Fresh Flowers

Is this a classic or a trend?
Although naked cakes started out as a trend, we predict that they will soon be considered a classic cake style and are here to stay!

Naked cakes are a great way to go if you’re looking for a cost effective cake solution. Please see our size and price guide for current pricing information.

Best flavours for this style
Naked cakes are unique in that the flavour affects both the taste and appearance of the cake.
It is common to select the same, or similar coloured flavours for each tier. Some popular pairings are:

  • Vanilla Bean and Citrus

  • White Chocolate and Raspberry and Salted Caramel

  • Chocolate Mud and Chocolate and Raspberry

If you want to be different, why not choose a mix of colours – for example one tier Vanilla Bean and one tier Red Velvet.

Visit our Naked Cakes gallery to view more of our creations!


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