We've taken some time to put together some fantastic resources to assist with planning your cake, however we've also answered some commonly asked questions below! 

How much notice do I need to give for a cake order?

When booking a cake for your wedding, we recommend between 6-12 months notice. Please note we do not take bookings or provide quotes for any dates more than 12 months in advance. 

How do I book a cake with you? 

For all enquiries, please visit our contact page. We will provide you with a quote and answer any of your questions via email. Once you are satisfied with your quote a 50% non refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. The final payment is then due one week prior to your event. 

Do you offer consultations? 

As we work 7 days a week baking and delivering, unfortunately we don't have the capacity to meet with clients at this point in time. We find that communicating via email helps us to keep track of all of our discussions. 

How much do your cakes cost?

All of our cakes are custom made and as such quotes are tailored to each order. We understand that when planning a wedding you need to budget accordingly, so we've put together a pricing guide to give you an estimate to work with.

Will you deliver my cake? 

We know that you have more important things to do on the day of your event, so yes we offer delivery! The delivery fee will be calculated based on distance from Kilsyth. This will be included in your quote. 

Can I pickup my cake?

Smaller cakes can be picked up from our private studio in Kilsyth, however all responsibility for the cake is transferred to the customer upon pickup. 

How do I choose what size cake I will need? 

It can be tricky to work out what size cake you will need for your event, so we've put together this handy sizing guide to help you make an educated decision!

Tea & Coffee Servings VS Dessert Servings

If you are having a cocktail wedding, or if dessert is already provided as part of your package and you wish to provide the cake with tea and coffee or for guests to take home, then "Tea & Coffee Serves" are the way to go. However if the cake is the only dessert being served at the event and it is to be served in a sit down fashion, then "Dessert Serves" will be applicable.

Do you provide bags or boxes for our guests to take slices of cake home in? 

Unfortunately we do not provide these, but there are some great cost effective options available through Ebay & Etsy as well as food packaging suppliers. Some suppliers will even personalise the boxes with your names! As each venue cuts wedding cakes differently, we recommend speaking with your venue first when deciding what size bags or boxes to purchase.

Should I keep the top tier of my wedding cake? 

Like many other classic wedding traditions in 2016, it is entirely your choice whether or not you keep the top tier from your cake. The tradition is to keep the top tier and freeze until your first wedding anniversary or the christening of your first child. If you do wish to keep this tier we recommend a chocolate mud as this flavour freezes particularly well. If you wish to keep your top tier please advise us when you enquire so that we can exclude the number of servings from the top tier and ensure there will be enough cake to feed your guests. Please also make sure you let your venue know so that they don't accidentally cut it up and serve it! 

Can I freeze my leftover cake? 

Yes! As all of our cakes are made using real couverture chocolate, they stay deliciously moist and tasty even when frozen. We do not recommend freezing any flavours with berries as the berries can go rancid upon defrosting. To freeze your cake, wrap in 2 layers of glad wrap and one layer of foil then pop into the freezer. When defrosting, we recommend taking your cake out of the freezer the day before and defrosting in the fridge to reduce condensation, making the cake soggy. We also recommend cutting the cake into smaller pieces before freezing - whatever size you freeze will be the size you need to defrost, so if you only want to defrost a small amount at a time be sure to cut into smaller pieces first. 

Do you make custom flavours?

We have spent many hours perfecting our delicious recipes and as such we only currently offer the flavours listed on our Flavours page.

What are your most popular flavours?

Everybody's tastes are different, but we get the best feedback about our White Chocolate & Raspberry and White Chocolate & Salted Caramel flavours. If you are looking for a safe bet, we generally recommend having one tier of Chocolate Mud Cake as this caters for most preferences.

Do you offer fruit cake?

We don't offer fruit cake as a flavour for our cakes, but we are more than happy to decorate a fruit cake that has been baked by one of your willing family or friends! We will provide guidelines regarding the sizing required and then decorate it along with the other tiers for your cake to tie in the traditional with the modern. 

How do I taste your cakes?

It is so important that our cakes not only look incredible, but that they taste totally delicious too! If you would like to sample our tasty cakes prior to your event, we offer tastings for $55. These are express posted right to your doorstep, and contain 10 delicious cake flavours for you to try. The best part? If you secure your booking with a deposit within 2 weeks of receiving your Tasting Box, we will apply a $20 credit to your order. Visit our Taste page to order.

Can I have different flavours in my cake? 

Yes absolutely - we encourage it! You can pick as many flavours as you have tiers - so 2 flavours for a 2 tier cake, 3 flavours for a 3 tier cake and so on. There is no additional cost to have multiple flavours.

Do you cater for dietary requirements? 

We do offer Gluten Free flavours, however at this point in time we do not cater for any other allergies. If you have alternative requirements please contact Madie at Mad About Cakes

Can I have styrofoam tiers to make my cake bigger? 

The bigger the cake the better! If you had your heart set on a big cake, but only need say 2 tiers of real cake, we can easily add styrofoam tiers to give extra height. Decorated to look just like the other tiers, you will get the big cake of your dreams, and your guests will never know the difference! 

I want a really big showstopper cake! How much of that will be real cake? 

We love to cater for big weddings! Typically suited to weddings with 250+ guests, if you want a cake that has sizable wow factor, we will provide you with a styrofoam display cake (containing one tier of real cake so that you can cut this for photos) and additional slab cakes which we will give directly to the kitchen. This will ensure your display cake remains structurally safe for your event and the slabs can be cut and plated efficiently. Once you have cut your cake for photos, the venue will then remove your cake slice and the remaining tier to be served also.

If you have any other questions or would like to get a quote for your special event, don't hesitate to contact us!