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Fresh flowers are a popular, modern and cost effective way to decorate your cake. Using fresh flowers is a great way to tie your cake in with your overall design and match other floral decorations. They can be added as a cascade, in clusters or used as a topper.

Using your florist is the simplest solution for a seamless look as the same flowers can be used throughout your wedding or event. Once you’ve made your booking with us, we will ask for your florist's details and we will contact them to share all necessary information to ensure a beautifully decorated cake. We will also contact your florist the week of your wedding to organise delivery times, which is one less thing for you to worry about! If your event is taking place during the warmer months, we recommend using your florist as they have access to cool rooms specifically calibrated for the care of fresh flowers.

Alternatively, Creme de la Cakes can source your fresh flowers for you. Once you make your booking, we will ask you to provide some inspiration images of the flowers you would like on your cake. We will do our best to match your other floral decorations, however please note that as we are not florists, we only have access to a limited supply of flowers and may not be able to source all types of flowers at all times of the year. This can be done an additional cost, starting from $55.