Bakeshop Terms & Conditions

Handling Time

Pick up orders require 7 day notice.
Shipped orders are express posted every Wednesday only via Australia Post. Orders made after 12pm on Wednesday will be shipping the following Wednesday.
We currently only offer shipping for Tasting Boxes, no other products.

Date Availability

Orders can be made up to 12 months in advance of your date.
Pick up dates are correct at time of confirmation.
Creme de la Cakes reserves the right to change date availability without notice. If you have already made a booking, we reserve the right to make changes,


We accept cancellations up to 4 weeks prior to your pick up date. Payments are forfeited for cancellations closer than 4 weeks in advance.

Returns & Refunds

Creme de la Cakes does not accept returns or issue refunds for change of mind.


Please note we do not offer strictly nut free products. We do produce white chocolate peanut butter, and also chocolate hazelnut cakes in this kitchen, so whilst we can assure you that we don't use any nut ingredients directly in our other flavours, we do not claim to be an allergy friendly kitchen. Whilst we obviously take every precaution to ensure sterile tools are used in the making of your cake, we simply cannot guarantee that there would be zero traces of nuts.

If your allergy is low and you are comfortable with products that bear a ‘may contain traces of nuts’ style warning, we would make note of this on your order, so that we can ensure our tools are cleaned well between uses and benchtops are sanitized before preparation etc, but as we do produce nut products in this kitchen, we cannot guarantee that there are ZERO traces.

We like to provide this information to all allergy-concerned customers and allow them to make a decision as they know best how strict they need to be.

The same goes for our low gluten flavours. We use all gluten free ingredients in our low gluten cakes and sterilise tools & benchtops between use, however due to the fact that we produce products containing gluten in the same kitchen, must warn customers of this when ordering. We are pleased to report that gluten free customers have been enjoying our cakes for years now with no concerns.

Privacy & Security

This statement outlines Creme de la Cakes' policies regarding your privacy.

Creme de la Cakes respects your right to privacy under the Privacy Act 1988 and is obligated to comply with the national privacy principles in regards of the collection of personal information.

This website uses a secure Stripe Checkout to process payments. Stripe will collect personal information including your credit card and billing details to complete your order. Stripe does not share your financial details with Creme de la Cakes. Please refer to the Stripe Privacy Policy for further details.

If your order requires shipping, we will share your address details with Australia Post to complete your order.

We will not sell or share your personal information with any third parties.